Skyscraper 3D Movie Review

Skyscraper 3D Movie Review

Written By: Jake Jarvis 


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The 3D visuals for this movie are rather disappointing. The 3D looked good in the trailer, but in the actual theater the 3D was quite flat. A few scenes really popped out, but there are too few and far between to warrant springing for a 3D ticket. It’s a real pity, with more depth separation, this movie could have looked spectacular in 3D.


Final Verdict: 

Weak 3D 2D Recommended   




Skyscraper is the latest action film from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. At the rate he's getting movies out to the cinemas, “The Rock” is going to become the Tyler Perry of action films.


Skyscraper is another big budget movie from the long list of Die Hard homages/rip-offs released over the last 30 years. This time the action returns to a building and throws in a few classic homages to classic Hong Kong martial art action films from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Most of the Hong Kong inspiration comes notably from Jet Li's High Risk and Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon movies.  If you've seen the trailer you basically know the whole plot. Terrorists want to destroy the building and Dwayne Johnson as Will Sawyer tries to stop them and simultaneously tries to save his family from the burning building. It’s all rather predictable, cliché and your typical action movie starring “The Rock”. There are no surprises here. Okay, there is one notable surprise. Neve Campbell character of Sarah Sawyer ("The Rocks" wife) is pretty good . Sarah is a combat surgeon, and she really holds her own in the various action scenes. This film is surprisingly grim. Skyscraper takes itself way too seriously. It really could have used a Kevin Hart comedic type of character or a flamboyant Alan Rickman type of villain to break up the dreariness. Sadly this movie lacks the fun slapstick hijinks of the Jackie Chan or Wong Jing movies. It has the enjoyable action scenes but lacks the levity. Most of the character development for Will Sawyer and his son Henry are limited to their disabilities, which are mostly used as plot devices to try and create suspense or tension.


Overall I can only recommend this movie for hardcore fans of  Dwayne Johnson or fans of Hong Kong action movies.


Final Verdict: