Spider-man Into the Spiderverse 3D Movie Review

Spiderman Into the Spiderverse

3D Movie Review

Written By: Jake Jarvis 




The stereoscopic 3D serves the animation quite well in this movie. Great 3D depth and movement. The hodge-podge of art styles of the various versions of Spider-Man (Spider-Men or Spider-People?) looks stunning in 3D. This movie was made for 3D and is definitely recommended.


Final Verdict: Great 3D




Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is Sony's soft reboot of their Spiderverse cinematic universe. Instead of being about Peter Parker, Spiderverse  focuses upon the Marvel's Ultimate Comic book Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Don't worry, Peter Parker is here, In fact, several different Peter Parkers are here, along with several different Spider-people, who have taken up the Spider mantle, including Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir and even Spider-Ham to name a few. Regarding the Spider-people we get all the above and I just adore it. Any of these characters could carry a Spider-Man animated movie of their own. Hopefully, we get to see many of these characters spun off into other films.


Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is the Spidey movie we didn't think we wanted, but turns out to be exactly what fans needed from a Spidey movie. This is a well told story with compelling characters in the hands of creators who respect and love the original material. This movie is so much fun!  Easily this is the best animated movie of the year. There are enough Easter Eggs in this movie to keep you looking through at least a dozen viewings, but none of them get in the way of the greater story. Stay through the end credits for a whole slew of surprises and a touching tribute to Spiderman's creators, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.


Simply put this is the best Spider-Man movie ever.


Final Verdict: 10/10


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