3D printing company makes Star Wars inspired prosthesis

3Ders recently uploaded a interesting story about 3D printing and the upcoming Star Wars episode 7.  



" With Episode VII: The Force Awakens due to hit theaters in just a few weeks, 3D printed prostheses firm Open Bionics has designed a special 3D printed arm as part of the ‘Fashion Finds the Force’ themed fashion collection, featuring ten pairs of Star Wars themed items from UK designers. The 3D printed arm accompanies an impressive jumpsuit embedded with 10,000 Swarovski crystals, designed by British designer Claire Barrow. The jumpsuit’s star-like effect mimics the famous “jump to hyperspace” scenes in which Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon spaceship travels faster than the speed of light. "



To read the entire article and see more pictures please go here  . 3D printing is making the movies come to life and that is totally exciting.



Source :  3Ders