Investors are cautious about Real D's future


Deadline has a very interesting story about the company Real D and a recent attempt of selling off the company  .


 " What scared away all but one of the potential bidders in RealD? That’s still unclear, although a new SEC filing from the 3Dtechnology company cites others’ concerns about “perceived risks around consumer appetite for 3D films,” as well as fears that theaters might not renew their deals to license RealD technology. "



You can read the entire article here  . Investors can be very fickle and jump ship at a moments notice for nothing.  Regardless this news is still very interesting because the business aspect may change with new investors . Who knows how Real D will handle 3D movies in the future as it's a major player in 3D movies technology and many cinemas use thier technology . I honestly think 3D movies are likely to stick around for the next few five years at least. If investors are antsy about the future of 3D it should be more focused on the movie makers not using 3D well instead of this company who only helps make the technology of 3D possible.



Source:  Deadline article