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I just uploaded four new podcasts ! The podcasts range in subject material and under each podcast art is a description of what each is about. The podcasts are available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Sound Cloud , and YouTube

You can also listen to the podcasts by clicking on the art below and that will take you to the podcast page where you can download and or listen to them there. 

Nerd Stories & Other Geek Rants: 

Marvel Comics TV Shows

Record Date: April 30th 2016

NSOGR is back ! This podcast series goes more in depth on stuff not directly related to 3D subject material. This episode is all about Marvel Comics TV shows , we briefly go over all that current and upcoming Marvel TV shows . We do some spoilers but it's more just general overview of stories and how they connect to the broader Marvel Ciematic Universe. So the following TV shows are discussed within this episode : 

  • Agents of Shield  
  • Dare Devil 
  • Jessica Jones 
  • Agent Carter 
  • Upcoming TV show Iron Fist  
  • Upcoming TV Show Punisher  
  • Upcoming TV Show Luke Cage  
  • Upcoming TV Show Marvels Most Wanted 
  • and more  


Da 3D Show episode # 36

 Record Date: April 30th 2016

Another week filled with big 3D News! This weeks topics include the following: 

  • Nintendo NX delayed to 2017 
  • 3D printed skull used as evidence and helped British Prosecutor 
  • Wonderman in Guardians of the Galaxy 2
  • Metroid federation forces launches August 19th
  • X-men producers interesting in Avengers cross over
  • SEGA 3D Classics ( 3DS ) impressions
  • and so much mor  

Da 3D Show Presents: 

The Nintendo 3DS 5 Years Later A Retrospective  

Record Date: April 23 2016

This is a very special episode of the Da 3D Show. This episode is all about the 3DS, the glasses free 3D portable from Nintendo.  Adolph & James talk all about the 3DS and many memories and important stories regarding the Nintendo 3DS . We hope that you enjoy it .

Is Nintendoomed?

Record Date: April 30th 2016

In this podcast Adolph & James discuss how Nintendo is doing as a company. The rumors of the death of Nintendo are far from true. Learn more by listening this podcast 

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