Men in Black International 3D Movie Review

Men in Black International 3D Movie Review

Written By: Krista Strom


I watched Men in Black International in a Cinemark XD theater. Based on this experience I prefer IMAX to XD. That being said it’s hard to tell in terms of 3D what is due to the specific theater and what is due to the movie itself? Essentially I think the 3D in the movie looks fine. I don’t recall any truly noteworthy 3D scenes. I liked how the stars appeared in the beginning of the movie. I also liked the brief portion in the movie where the character of Agent M was floating. I was confused by the smoke aliens lack of depth. For aliens that were functionally made of atmospherics, they didn’t really seem to look like atmospherics. They honestly appeared a bit like 2D graphics stuck into a 3D movie. During certain instances this can work but in this instance I don’t think it was intentional. Other than that, there wasn’t really anything blatantly bad about the 3D in the film. The 3D is fine but it is hard to recommend. I didn’t hate the 3D but I didn’t really enjoy it either. Ultimately if someone asked me if the 3D in Men in Black International is worth it, I would simply say no. 

Final Verdict: Weak 3D 2D Recommended


Men In Black International is the forth Men in Black(MIB) movie. This is a soft reboot sequel that doesn’t really mention the previous films but it does consider them canon.  


Men In Black Internationaltakes us to the London MIB office and it follows newbie Agent M (Tessa Thompson) and veteran Agent H (Chris Hemsworth). Essentially the plot is Agent M and Agent H are playing hot potato with a macguffin. They have an important intergalactic object that they must keep away from everyone else. Not even the MIB can be trusted with this object. Just like with the 3D, I think the plot is passable, but I can’t help but feeling disappointed. I went into this film excited, but I think it failed to live up to my expectations.  I liked Agent M’s back-story and appreciated that the main character being a black woman. Although it did seem slightly sexist that she did more than Will Smith’s character (Agent J) to impress the MIB, yet had a harder time getting hired into the organization. Still, I had to love the “women in black” lines thrown in throughout the movie. As for Agent H, he is charismatic enough to enjoy watching but the set up of his back story seemed a bit off – which granted, is ultimately explained, but is a bit unsettling for a first time viewing. The movie is overstuffed with exposition. The movie also takes a little too long to get going. The movie also has a secondary plot about the MIB itself being compromised. This secondary plot was poorly handled because you have too many new characters to juggle and it’s hard to really care about anyone. I think there were a couple of elements in the ending that are creative and original. I am slightly holding out judgment, as it seems clear that they are setting up future installments in the franchise.


Overall I liked the movie and I am still looking forward to more MIB adventures, but I am not as excited as I was before.  Men in Black International is not a terrible movie it’s just a mediocre movie. 

Final Verdict: 6/10

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