Toy Story 4 3D Movie Review

Toy Story 4 3D Movie Review

Written By: Adolph Vega


The 3D aspect of Toy Story 4 is a nice but an unnecessary addition to this movie. The movie starts off very strong with a scene in the rain. Rain looks fantastic in 3D and it looks great in this movie. Rain uses multiple layers of 3D and it really helps you feel like you are in the movie and helps set that tone for the scene. The 3D helps make the toys look more realistic. The 3D gives the toys dimension. Many times the characters will point objects toward the screen or certain parts of a toy may pop out of the screen. The 3D is not gimmicky but is used in a natural way that works well within the story. One scene where the characters are walking towards the camera on the side of a highway looks very nice in 3D. The amount of 3D depth is limited. I feel like it could have had more 3D depth. I never had a “wow this looks awesome” in 3D moment outside of the rainy opening scene. The 3D aspect of this movie is well done but is mostly a minor aspect of the visuals. I enjoyed the 3D aspect of Toy Story 4 and it looks very nice, but it didn’t blow me away.

Final Verdict: Good 3D


Simply put Toy Story 4 is an amazing film and is the perfect follow up the amazing third film in this excellent franchise. Before I watched this film I assumed this was a cash grab film by Disney and that it was an unnecessary sequel. Toy Story 3 ended so perfectly why bother to make a forth movie, I thought to myself. I was wrong to think this. Toy Story 4 is an incredible film and is one of the best Pixar movies in years. Toy Story 4 is easily the best animated movie of 2019.


The plot of Toy Story 4 revolves around the character of Woody and Bo Peep. Bo Peep was notably absent from the third Toy Story film and this movie starts off by explaining that absence. The movie shifts back and continues its own story shortly after the events of Toy Story 3. The movie is fairly self contained so you don’t need to watch the previous three films before watching this film. Bonnie is the new owner of Andy’s toys and is scared to begin kindergarten. During Bonnie’s first day she creates a new toy named Forky. Forky is not a traditional toy it is literally made of a plastic spork and some assorted crafting materials. During a family road trip Forky escapes and Woody must reunite Forky with Bonnie. During this journey Woody finds Bo Peep and the adventure to reunite with Bonnie begins. The movie introduces many new toys to this story. The movie flows well and it knows how to slow down to introduce new characters and to develop the plot. I do want to warn parents that some scenes in this movie may scare little children, but they are brief and make sense in the context of the plot. The story is perfectly balanced with humor and heart and justifies its own existence as a theatrical film. The ending (without giving anything away) is smart, heartfelt and gives the viewer a much-earned emotional catharsis. The ending just put this movie over the top for me and I am still crying several hours after watching the end credits. The movie has many emotional scenes. All of the emotional elements are earned and are perfectly handled in the movie. Toy Story 4 has a simple yet effective story that completely delivers on its premise.


I really couldn’t find any flaws with this movie. The humor works perfectly and I had many huge belly laughs. The animation is beautiful and the visuals are gorgeous. The new main characters are interesting and are given plenty of backstory. The writing is truly excellent. The only possible critique is that I wanted more discussion on what is to be a toy in this universe. How exactly does a toy gain conscious? The movie hints at these deeper questions but never truly explains them. This is something I always wondered in this series. Ultimately it doesn’t matter so I can’t dock the film for not explaining the deeper philosophical aspects of this film franchise. Toy Story 4 is a fantastic movie and I don’t know of any flaws keeping it from achieving cinematic perfection.

I adore Toy Story 4. Somehow the Toy Story film franchise has done the impossible and has hit the cinematic a grand slam. All four Toy Story films are wonderful. As I watched Toy Story 4 I laughed, I cried, and I was smiling from beginning to end. Toy Story 4 is not only the best movie of the summer it is easily the best movie of 2019. As I am writing this review I am still crying from the excellent of this movie. The tears are that of pure joy. They nailed it ! Toy Story 4 is a better movie than I could have imagined. Toy Story 4 is a pure delight and I shall give this my highest possible recommendation.

Final Verdict: 10 / 10 Editors Choice Award

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