Spider-Man Far From Home 3D Movie Review

Spider-Man Far From Home 3D Movie Review

Written By: Jake Jarvis


Spider-Man Far From Home has some crazy good 3D visuals. The many Mysterio and Elemental action scenes are very memorable to see in 3D. Both 3D pop and 3D depth look fantastic in this movie. One specific awesome pop out scene is when Aunt May throws something to Peter Parker. Several audience members actually ducked in the theater while watching this scene. This scene isn’t gimmicky but is a funny scene that is made better by the 3D. The many European locations look incredible and the scenery alone is used to excellent effect to enhance the 3D. The extra money spent on 3D is well worth it just for the sight seeing. All the enjoyable action scenes make the 3D really worthwhile. After 11 years and 20+ movies the Marvel cinematic universe has yet another 3D winner on its hands. 

Final Verdict: Great 3D



Spider-man: Far From Home, is the 2nd Sony/Marvel Spidey live-action movie. To put it simply this is a spectacular Spider-Man film. This amazing film functions as a sequel to Spider-Man Homecoming, an epilogue to Avengers  Infinity War / Avengers Endgame and it also works to push the Marvel cinematic universe forward. 

Spider-Man Far From Home begins shortly after the events of Avengers Endgame. The movie knows how to keep its story easygoing instead of stopping dead in its tracks when it explains the fallout of the Thanos snap a.k.a. "The Blip". This is more of a summer romance film with a heroics subplot than a full on superhero action movie. This film really felt like a Stan Lee/John Romita Sr Amazing Spider-Man story with a European twist. The humor works well and the action is well choreographed to make for a fun adventure. Like Jon Watts' first Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man Homecoming there are dozens of easter eggs to keep eagle-eyed fans happy. Pay special attention to license plates for nods to classic Spider-man stories and character debuts. The film has many surprises, including the return of a key character from the first Iron Man movie. Plus there are two post credit scenes that will likely leave you slack jawed. Tom Holland continues to impress as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Zendaya truly makes MJ a real flesh and blood character, not just a trophy girlfriend. Peter Parker and MJ have wonderful chemistry on screen and their relationship makes perfect sense. Everyone gets a few moments to shine and to build their characters. Remy Hill as the new kid is very fun to watch. Brad Davis takes on some of the Flash Thompson "villian" role and creates some of the funniest moments in the film. Jake Gyllenhaal as Quintin Beck/Mysterio really sells the character. Even knowing Mysterio's comic book backstory, Gyllenhaal still had me guessing Mysterio's true intentions. Mysterio is a fantastic character and I really enjoyed watching him in this movie. The only issue I had with this movie can be with the pacing. Sometimes the movie can dramatically slow down when they have exposition scenes. It is only a minor inconvenience and often it can help the viewer catch their breath after the various action scenes. Obviously your mileage will vary but it’s hard to deny the pacing can off putting at times. Overall the movie works quite well and is very enjoyable from beginning to end.

Spider-Man Far From Home is one very fun and satisfying summer blockbuster. 

Final Verdict: 9/10


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