Rampage 3D Movie Review



3D Movie Review

Written By: Jake Jarvis




Rampage is the third 3D movie Brad Peyton and Dwayne Johnson have made together. “Journey 2” and “San Andreas” were the other two. The 3D in Rampage isn't as good as “San Andres”, but definitely is an improvement over the weaker “Journey 2”. That being said Rampage does a nice job showcasing the 3D element. Rampage has many lovely depth shots. A scene within the bamboo forest is a real stand out scene because of the 3D. The movie has several in your face 3D effects that mostly work. The three monsters looked great in 3D. The scene where the wolf attacks a helicopter was particularly good in 3D. All in all I enjoyed the 3D aspect of this movie and I can recommend it. 


Final Verdict: Good 3D




Rampage is the most expensive “ SyFy ” movie that I have ever seen. This movie is dumb, but it doesn't insult your intelligence. This film is based on the 1980’s video game of the same name. Rampage is a strangely faithful adaption of the video game famous for not really having a story to begin with. The movie includes many cool references from the video game, including Larry the rat and the infamous red dress. Does this movie reverse the awful video game movie curse? Not really, but if you enjoyed the various Rampage video games, you're probably going to dig this film adaption. Story wise, Rampage is focused on a bromance between George the albino gorilla and primatologist, Davis Okoyo (Dwayne Johnson). When George is infected with genes edited via CRISPR, he grows larger and becomes dramatically more aggressive. The gene editing impacts two other animals; a wolf, (named Ralph by internet weirdoes) and a crocodile (who is referred to as a gator a few times in this movie), which is unnamed in the film, but is called Lizzie in the video game. Lizzie is essentially a Godzilla clone, but I digress... All three animals go to Chicago and, well go, on a Rampage. Davis is determined to save his friend George from winding up like Harambe a.k.a. the King Kong treatment. Davis knows that George isn’t a bad ape and that only he can help him. Naomie Harris, who plays former Wyden geneticist, Dr. Kate Caldell, supports Davis on this adventure. She really sells the science dialogue. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Harvey Russell a government agent of the OGA, (Other Government Agency). He's part Tommy Lee Jones in “The Fugitive” and part Negan from “The Walking Dead”.  Harvey has great on scene chemistry with Davis. Hopefully these two make more movies together in the future, because I enjoy there back and forth within this movie. This is one of the most violent PG-13 movies in recent memory and it is a little raunchy. So think twice about letting the little kiddoes see this movie. Joe Manganiello “True Blood” has a small part as Burke, a mercenary hunter. He's in a great call back scene to "Alien".  Overall "Rampage" is not a great movie or anything really special but I was able to enjoy myself and have a good time.


Final Verdict: 7/10



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