Avengers Infinity War 3D Movie Review

Avengers Infinity War 3D Movie Review

Written By: Adolph Vega





Simply put “Avengers Infinity War” looks fabulous in 3D. I watched this movie in IMAX 3D and I was blown away. The 3D in this movie looks incredibly crisp and bright. This movie was made for 3D. Dozens of scenes use pop out 3D in fun ways. Several scenes use 3D depth for a greater sense of scale. The 3D in this movie is not perfect and has some minor issues. A few scenes are darkly lit, and 3D and darker scenes don’t work well together.  These scenes are few and far between so it doesn’t sour this overall excellent 3D presentation . The 3D usage is especially fascinating in the final scenes of the movie. I can’t really discuss this without massive spoilers, but needless to say I was both stunned and impressed. The 3D element of  “Avengers Infinity War” doesn’t feel like an after thought. The 3D and the story elements of “Avengers Infinity War” go hand in hand for an unforgettable cinematic 3D experience. I applaud the brilliant use of 3D visuals within this film . I don’t want to see this movie in 2D. I strongly suggest experiencing this movie in IMAX 3D. This movie was shot entirely with digital IMAX cameras so watching this in a IMAX theater is ideal. Overall this is a MUST WATCH IN 3D movie, and I shall give it my highest recommendation. 



Final Verdict: Great 3D , Editors Choice 3D Award

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 “Avengers Infinity War” is the amazing capstone of nearly 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I walked into the movie theater with the highest expectations, and I left the movie theater stunned and shook to my core. Wow this movie is epic. I was worried that no movie could manage such a huge cast, and this movie feels perfectly balanced and gives everyone meaningful screen time and lines. Thanos is the villain of this movie and he is perfectly executed by Josh Brolin. The motivations for Thanos are clearly presented and his arguments are both interesting and well conceived. Thanos is a strong villain because of his abilities and for his presence on screen. Thanos is the greatest Marvel Cinematic Universe villain. This movie has it all. This movie has an excellent comedic element. The movie has heart and many touching performances and scenes. The movie knows when to slow down and have excellent character scenes. The  movie has amazing action set pieces that are truly epic. The action choreography is simply incredible. The superb fight scenes are second to none and are breathtaking and exciting to watch. This movie is extremely entertaining and is a pure delight. This movie is truly something special and Marvel has done it again. This movie not only lives up to the hype, but it exceeds it. The stakes are extremely high in this movie and I loved the many bold choices that were made in this movie. That being said the movie leaves the audience with many obvious questions and unresolved issues. It doesn’t bother me because I feel like they completed the story that was presented. I want to see this movie again and again. It left me wanting more and I am confident that future Marvel movies will deal with the aftermath from this movie.  The movie does an excellent job of being semi self contained and building upon the previous Marvel movies. Ultimately this movie feels both satisfying and earned and is the perfect accumulation of the entire Marvel Cinematic movie Universe. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, and I was thoroughly entertained from beginning to end as I watched “Avengers Infinity War” . This movie is the best Marvel movie within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and boldly pushes the franchise forward in interesting and compelling ways. I could not have asked for or wanted a better movie than “Avengers Infinity war”. This is one of the most amazing movies that I have seen in years; in fact this might be one of my favorite movies of all time. “Avengers Infinity War” is the most ambitious movie of all time and it completely succeeds in every regard. “Avengers Infinity War” might be the greatest & most entertaining movie of all time. With the highest praise that I can possibly give, I must give this movie a perfect score. “Avengers Infinity War” is one the greatest achievements in the history of cinema, and I applaud Disney for making such a marvelous movie. 


Final Verdict: 10/10 , Editors Choice Movie Award

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