Solo a Star Wars Story 3D Movie Review

Solo A Star Wars Story

3D Movie Review

Written by:  Adolph Vega 






Sadly the 3D element of this movie is pathetic and worthless. The movie doesn’t do much of anything with pop out 3D. Depth based 3D is essentially a non-factor too. The 3D does give the viewer some separation between the characters in 3D, as some characters appear closer or farther away from each other. That being said, who cares? One action scene in space toward the end of the movie did look decent in 3D. Overall the 3D visuals for this movie aren’t worthwhile and are totally forgettable. 


Final Verdict: Weak 3D 2D Recommended




Han Solo is an iconic ‘Star Wars’ character and is one of the most liked characters in all of cinema. Han Solo is a loveable cocky scoundrel that always finds a way to survive even in the most impossible of odds. This movie follows Han Solo on his space adventures as he discovers new friends and foes and pursues his dream of being an intergalactic pilot.  


In the original ‘Star Wars’ movie trilogy the great Harrison Ford portrayed Han Solo. Alden Enrereich brings this new younger version of Han Solo to life. This Han Solo is a charming, funny cunning and is enjoyable to watch on screen. Alden does a fantastic job in this role. Donald Glover is also a stand out as a younger Lando Calrissian. Glover is just a joy to watch and stole every scene with his endless charisma. The movie has many fun new characters including a sassy robot named L3, and a likeable mercenary named Beckett. Dydren Vos is the main antagonist of this movie and I hated this character. This villain is a generic evil mobster character is cheesy and over the top. I hated every scene that he was in. Many of the characters are superfluous and only serve to further the plot. Overall I do like all the characters within this movie with the exception of the villain, which is fairly one-dimensional.  


The movie is a smaller scale stand-alone ‘Star Wars’ adventure. This movie takes place a few years before the events of the forth episode (New Hope) in the ‘Star Wars’ saga. The movie is a fairly strait forward adventure tale with many twists and turns. I found the movie to be fairly predictable and simplistic. The movie does have problems with pacing and it has many plot holes. The movie jumps from scene to scene and doesn’t do much to build the characters. At times the plot is too contrived and convenient and leaves the viewer with more questions than answers.  I didn’t like the ending to this movie, which felt tacked-on and is sloppily put together. The action scenes are well done and the comedic element of the movie works well. The movie has its problems but I still enjoyed myself. 


Overall “Solo” is a fun lighthearted adventure that I can recommend. I liked the movie but I didn’t love it and in many ways the movie left me feeling lukewarm. 


Final Verdict: 7/10


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