Venom 3D Movie Review

Venom 3D Movie Review

Written By: Adolph Vega



I watched this movie in IMAX 3D and I walked away very disappointed. The 3D was barely present in a majority of the scenes. One motorcycle action scene made good use of 3D with objects flying in and out of the screen. Visually the movie is shot in many darkly lit locations. 3D and darkly lit scenes don’t work well together.  3D depth is occasionally used in this movie but it’s mostly forgotten. The 3D is a non-factor in almost 60% of the movie. Simply put the 3D isn’t worthwhile for this movie, and I can’t recommend it. 

Final Verdict: Weak 3D 2D Recommended



Venom is a unique comic book movie. It has elements of horror but isn’t scary, it has some humor but it isn’t a comedy, it doesn’t know what it wants to be. 


The story of Venom begins with Eddie Brock who is an investigative reporter. 

In this movie Eddie Brock is investigating the “Life foundation”. The life foundation has many secrets and is one very powerful company. During a secret investigation Eddie merges with an alien species named Venom and his life is forever changed. 


In this movie Tom Hardy portrays Eddie Brock. Tom hardy is a British actor who is portraying an American character. I didn’t like the character of Eddie Brock and found Hardy’s “American accent” to be distracting and awful. It’s difficult to enjoy a movie when you don’t like the main character. Tom hardy is a fantastic actor but is wrong for this role. 


The biggest problem with this movie is the writing. Cringe worthy is the best way to describe the dialogue in this movie. Was the script for this movie written by a thirteen-year-old high school drop out? All the characters are one dimensional and poorly written. The only likeable character is that of Anne Weying. Michelle Williams plays Anne in a charming and semi realistic manner. The movie is riddled with plot holes. So many elements of the story don’t make any sense. The characters spew exposition to you in an obvious manner. 


Another major problem I had with the movie was with the action sequences. How Venom fights enemies is interesting but it’s poorly shot. Bad camera angles and choppy editing ruin the many action sequences. 

The movie has a few positives that keep its from being a total train wreck. The movie is entertaining and I was never bored. The character of Venom is likeable and I did like the voice.  Some of the action scenes were fun (when you could see them).  The bad aspects clearly outnumber the good elements and makes for a pretty bad movie. 


Sadly this Venom movie is a mess of a movie and I cannot recommend it. 

Final Verdict: 4/10


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