Top 3 3D Movies of 2018

Top 3 3D Movies of 2018


What were the best 3D Movies of 2018?  This article will tell you all about it with links to our reviews of each 3D Movie. This list is based on the best of the best of 2018 and is inspired by high quality of the 3D and the quality of the movie itself.





Quote from our review:


Alpha is a fantastic film, and is easily one of my favorite movies of 2018.”


They Shall Not Grow Old


Quote from our review:


“Peter Jackson has created something truly amazing with this documentary. This is easily one of the best documentaries ever made about World War I.”


Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse


Quote from our review:


“Simply put this is the best Spider-Man movie ever.”


Avengers Infinity War


Quote from our review:


“With the highest praise that I can possibly give, I must give this movie a perfect score.”

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