Captain Marvel 3-D Movie Review

Captain Marvel 3D Movie Review

Written By: Adolph Vega


The 3D presentation in this movie never wowed me, but overall I did enjoy it. The movie mostly uses 3D depth. Pop-out 3D scenes are rare in this movie. The movie has several scenes with long hallways and the 3D depth compliments these forced perspective shots. Several space scenes look very nice in 3D. The 3D is a nice yet unnecessary addition to this movie.  I can mildly recommend watching this movie in 3D.

Final Verdict: Good 3D


Captain Marvel is the first female led Marvel cinematic movie. It is a self-contained movie that showcases a different perspective to the super hero origin story.


Captain Marvel is set in the 1990’s and has a non-linear storyline. Flashbacks are a key component of this story. The main character of Carol Danvers goes on a journey of self-discovery. The skrulls are a shape shifting alien species that arrive on earth and Carol Danvers is determined to stop them. While visiting earth Carol meets up with Nick Fury from Shield. Carol Danvers and Nick Fury are together for the majority of this sci-fi adventure. The story has many interesting twists and turns. When the movie begins it can be slightly confusing. Don’t worry eventually everything explains itself and makes sense (sort of). 


Character development of Carol Danvers is the main component of this movie. Brie Larson portrays the character of Captain Marvel. This performance changes dramatically within the movie. At first she has a cold aloof robotic personality, but as she discovers the truth she becomes a more likable warm protagonist. Samual L Jackson reprises his role of Nick Fury and is a real delight in this movie. Nick Fury has been in several Marvel films but you have never seen him like this. Unlike other Marvel films this isn’t just an extended cameo for Nick Fury. This movie essentially is a buddy movie with Nick Furry and Carol Danvers. They have great chemistry together. 


I enjoyed the movie but I didn’t love it. The movie is all over the place with pacing. It starts off fast paced but it really drags in the middle. The movie really ramps up during the ending. The acting for secondary characters is average at best. The action scenes are fun but some of quick cuts and strange camera positions can be jarring to the eye. The movie opens up several plot holes for the marvel cinematic universe. Some of the comedic elements seem forced and too obvious. Captain Marvel is a good not great movie.


Overall I did enjoy my time with this movie. It is far from perfect but it’s a good foundation to build upon and I look forward to seeing more of this character in the future. Captain Marvel is not a marvelous film, but it is still worthy of your time. 

Final Verdict: 7/10

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