Wonder Park 3-D Movie Review

Wonder Park 3D Movie Review

Written By: Adolph Vega



Wow! This movie was made for 3D. The 3D visuals look sharp, vibrant and perfectly compliment this movie. The movie is a real showcase for 3D and how to properly do it in an animated movie. Pop-out 3D and depth-based 3D both look great in this movie. Often the movie uses multiple layers of 3D to make a fantastic diorama effect. It can be gimmicky at times but this 3D is totally worth it. The 3D aspect in Wonder Park looks excellent from beginning to end. 

Final Verdict: Great 3D & Editors Choice 3D Award

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Wonder Park is the story of a young girl named June who enjoys using her imagination to build a fantastical amusement park. One day June is magically transported into the ‘Wonder Land’ amusement park that she has imagined. Wonder Land is in trouble and June must help her furry friends restore the park back to its prior glory. 


The movie looks gorgeous. The art style is cute and colorful. The human characters have exaggerated heads and eyes. The bigger eyes and larger heads look strange at first but you quickly become used to it.  The various animal characters look very furry and are adorable. The visuals are easily the best aspect of this movie. 


This movie is cliché and predictable. The story is sweet natured but it doesn’t do anything new or different. The amusement park angle is okay but it doesn’t go beyond the superficial. The movie is very fast paced and is action packed. The movie can be a little too frantic and random at times. All the jokes presented in this movie are rudimentary and have been done a billion times before. The only unique aspect of this movie is the “pi song”. This mathematical song is clever, funny and is well sung. The movie is filled with plot holes and unanswered plot points. In some ways the movie feels like an underdeveloped Pixar movie. This is one very sappy movie. It’s just too sweet and lacks any substance. I was never bored with this movie but I never really cared about anything that happened on screen. I did like the characters but nobody really stood out. It’s all rather forgettable and uninspired.


I neither hated nor loved this movie. Wonder Park is an adequate inoffensive okay family adventure. 

Final Verdict: 5/10


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