Dumbo (2019) 3D Movie Review

Dumbo (2019) 3D Movie Review

Written By: Krista Strom



I didn’t know what to expect from the 3D in Dumbo going in, but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie is slow paced, but once we got to the acrobatics and flying sequences, I fell slightly in love. These acrobatic scenes are especially fun in 3D. I just wish there was even more of it. Maybe several minute acrobatic performances are unrealistic and only appeal specifically to me, but I still couldn’t help but to feel a little cheated every time an aerial shot was interrupted by silly things like plot and dialogue. Overall the circus acts that we did get in this movie were visually stunning. Speaking of the visuals the computer graphics were fine for the most part; I thought Dumbo’s eyes were kind of creepy at first, but they eventually grew on me. I have to praise this film for all the creative ways spotlights were used, and I’d almost say it’s worth it to see this film in 3D just for the lighting alone. Unfortunately I didn’t feel like the 3D added much to the parts of the movie that weren’t circus performances or flying sequences, which was the majority of the movie. Overall, I think it was a decent 3D experience.

Final Verdict: Good 3D


In terms of animated Disney films, Dumbo was actually a great choice for a live action remake. Unlike The Lion King or Aladdin, the original Dumbo isn’t a communally defining feature of the millennial childhood, so it makes sense to breathe new life into it. Dumbo first came out in 1941, so I think it’s great that they’re bringing it to a new generation. 

Dumbo is the story of a baby elephant with large ears who learns how to fly, but it’s also the story of the circus troupe he’s born into, and how the people around him relate to him. I was surprised to find out it was directed by Tim Burton, as it seems sweeter than his usual fare. It was a fun movie and with a lovely story, though I don’t think there was any brilliant overarching commentary in it. Some of the side characters in the troupe could have been developed more. I think there are some parallels between Dumbo and the other characters that could have been drawn better than they were. The film is fairly morally absolute; you can immediately tell who the bad guys are before they’ve even done anything bad, and it’s easy to route against them. Ultimately for a kids movie, this is perfectly fine, and the movie has a lot of heart to it.

Incidentally, this film is also well grounded in film history. Throughout the movie there are references to the likes of the Lumiere brothers and Busby Berkeley, and there’s a scene in the movie where people are watching clips on an old projector. They’re small details, but they’re something the film savvy viewer can appreciate.


All told, I liked this movie a good deal , and it’s a fun family friendly movie. The story is engaging but superficial. It’s not my favorite Disney movie of all time, but at least it’s still better than Will Smith in body paint .

Final Verdict: 7/10


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