How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World 3-D Movie Review

How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World 3D Movie Review

Written By: Adolph Vega




This movie looks beautiful in 3D.  It’s not just one scene, but it’s the entire movie that looks fantastic in 3D. This movie and franchise has really embraced 3D and it shows. Objects will fly outward and pop out of the screen. Sometimes objects or dragons will fly from the foreground into the background. Several scenes use 3D depth to showcase height. The 3D never feels gimmicky or silly and is well used throughout the film. One close up scene in a grassy field is especially stunning in 3D as you see all the different blades of grass in different planes of 3D space. The 3D aspect of this movie is a natural aspect of the visual design. Simply put this movie looks wonderful in 3D and I highly recommend it.


Final Verdict: Great 3D


This is the third and final How to Train Your Dragon film in the  franchise. It has been almost five years since the previous How to Train Your Dragon movie released. Can this movie live up to the high pedigree of its predecessors and conclude the series in a satisfying manor?

The story begins shortly after the events of the second film. To avoid spoilers I won’t go into much detail in this review. Hiccup is now the leader of the town of Berk. Hiccup’s dragon toothless finds a new potential mate. A new villain character named Grimmel is trying to hunt down all the dragons. Several story components are expertly juggled in this movie . In some ways this movie shares many core plot points of its predecessors. This movie is dependent on you watching the previous two films in this franchise. You might be okay to watch this as a stand-alone film but wouldn’t recommend it. Essentially all the characters of the previous films return in this movie. The movie is gorgeous with many beautiful shots. The dragon animation is truly excellent. Hiccup is a great well developed protagonist, and his friends are very likable too. The character of Astrid is especially strong in this movie. This movie serves as a concluding chapter to the series and is very emotional. The emotional aspect of the movie is part of the story telling and is both deserved and earned. This isn’t just a stupid kids cartoon, it’s far beyond that . This is a fantastic animated movie that both children and adults can enjoy. Overall I really loved the story and found it very compelling even if it felt slightly redundant.

Sadly I had a few issues with this movie that prevent it from being perfect. The movie leaves many questions unanswered. Several new ideas are not fully explored. The villain is interesting but I wanted more backstory for this character. The movie is wackier than I remember the previous films being. Overall the comedy works well, but at times it can be annoying. The final action scene feels anticlimactic with no real stakes. This movie feels a little light in length. I feel like it could have easily been thirty minutes longer. Ultimately the biggest issue is that I didn’t want this movie to end. I love the characters and story so much it’s hard to see this excellent franchise end. I don’t want a forth movie,  spin-offs , prequels or anything like that. I just wanted a little bit more from this already excellent movie.


In closing I love this franchise and I loved this movie. The issues I have with it are minor.  If you enjoyed the previous films in the franchise you will definitely love this movie. If you haven’t seen any of the previous How to Train Your Dragon films stop reading this review and go and watch them now . (You will thank me later) I left the theater crying like a baby. Crying because this movie is so beautiful and is well crafted that when it ended it was like loosing a lifelong friend. So far this movie is the best movie released in 2019.  How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World is a wonderful final movie in the series and is something that you absolutely need to see .

Final Verdict: 



Editors Choice Movie Award

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