Abominable 3D Movie Review

Abominable 3D Movie Review

Written By: Jake Jarvis



The 3D aspect of Abominable is enjoyable but it’s not wonderful. Sadly DreamWorks didn't place the same amount of care into this movie as they did in the How to Train your Dragon film franchise and it shows. The character designs are great, but the animation looks like a TV show. The 3D is effective, with several noteworthy scenes. One scene where the character of Yi is holding her violin really pops in 3D. Another scene with the blueberry tsunami looks especially strong in 3D. Finally the sequence with the northern lights looks spectacular in 3D. The 3D definitely has it moments but the subpar animation hamper this visual experience. Overall the 3D is very nice but it could have been better. 

Final Verdict:Good 3D 


Abominable is the third 3D animated Bigfoot/Yeti movie released in the last 12 months! It's charming, but it’s also the weakest of the three Bigfoot/Yeti films. FYI the other two Bigfoot/Yeti movies are Small Foot by Warner Brothers and Missing Link from Laika.   


Abominable is the story of Yi (Chloe Bennet), a young woman living in "The City" (Hong Kong). This movie shows a unique side of Hong Kong, that you rarely see in American movies. Yi is dealing with a personal tragedy and has dreams of traveling. Yi finds an injured Bigfoot (which is later named Everest) and with the help of her friends, Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) and Peng (Albert Tsai) they decide to return the Bigfoot to its home on Mt. Everest. Burnish (Eddie Izzard) and Dr. Zara (Sarah Paulson) are the main villains in this movie and they are the people who originally captured Everest. The movie has great character designs and great voice actors. Your typical animated antics occur in this movie. The film has a huge plot twist that comes totally out of the left field. I will not spoil this unexpected plot twist but I will say that it works very well in this movie. The film likes to do reoccurring gags, some of which eventually pay off in the end credits. Speaking of the end credits the runtime for this movie is 97 minutes long, but it feels like 3 hours long. The pacing is painfully slow in this movie. There are a few slapstick gags here and there to break things up, but this film could have used a more meaningful plot and less exposition. Abominable is a very good movie. 


In closing Abominable is a heartfelt and delightful film. The story is enjoyable but it drags. The character models look great but the animation is weak. Abominable is the kind of movie that children will love, and adults can endure.

Final Verdict: 7/10


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